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Print and Publishing Services

All firms and government organizations need to publish documents. Documents can include technical documentation, annual reports, product catalogues and brochures, to name a few. These documents can be published in numerous formats including print, Adobe PDF, HTML, SGML or XML. Therein lies the challenge – what is the most effective way to publish these documents to these different formats?

Our publishing workflow services

Documedia provides a full range of services to assist you with publishing your documents:

  • Workflow audits – we review your current print and Web workflows, and provide recommendations on possible improvements;
  • Technology procurement – we can advise you on hardware and software solutions to support your workflow;
  • Document conversion – we can convert your documents into numerous formats;
  • Scanning services – we can scan your paper documents into the format of your choice;
  • Template development – we can create or improve templates for various software such as Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe GoLive, Adobe InDesign, Quadralay Webworks, Macromedia Dreamweaver and QuarkXPress;
  • FrameMaker structured application development – we can develop an Adobe FrameMaker structured application so that you can provide structured documentation in SGML or XML;
  • Web database solutions -we can make your documents generate from database queries, so why have static documents?;
  • Training services – we can ensure that your staff can continue where we left off;
    more about our training services
  • Project management – we can manage the project for you if you don’t have all the resources mentioned above.

Our philosophy

Your workflow should not only be productive, it should also be predictable. With our help, you should have a more automated workflow which delivers timely, predictable, quality output.

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