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Month: April 2019

Here’s Why the Coworking Spaces Are not Just for the Millennials!

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Millennials are known for their groundbreaking ideas in every sphere of life. Starting from their personal and professional lives, they are always up with clear pictures of innovation to make living more sustainable. One such concept is the shared office space Toronto.

The brainchild of the millennials, coworking spaces has proliferated across Toronto. There are two main reasons:

  1. Rise of self-employment
  2. Increase in the number of startups

It may apparently appear that the millennials are becoming the dominant generation in the shared office space Toronto. However, that’s just not true. People ranging from the age bar of 55 to 70 years are also shifting to these coworking spaces to restart the 2nd gear of life.

shared office space toronto

Advanced Insights:

Nothing matters more than substance. And these jaw-dropping statistics will justify why the shared office space Toronto is no longer a match to the millennials but to the baby boomers too:

  • 63% of coworking space users age between 42 and 65 years.
  • Less than 25% of the occupants are millennials

According to a survey, the boomers represent 3 in every 10 of all the Canadians. Therefore, there is a rise in the numbers of elderly persons in Toronto too. Interestingly, the old people in 2019 don’t long to babysit their grandkids. This attributes to pursue their dreams which propel them to have something of their own.

When it comes to starting a business, fund matters the most. Gathering substantial money to find spaces for their ventures is taxing. However, they also don’t favor having a home office as it takes away the essence of a professional environment. Here is when the boomers act smart and plump for a shared office space Toronto.

The old-timers are taking a dip into the new-age solutions in the pursuit of independent life. Some of the major benefits that these seniorpreneurs get from a coworking space are discussed below.

  1. Affordability

As mentioned earlier, the coworking spaces are super affordable. It cost a huge sum for those rented traditional offices which the retirees are usually unable to pay. On the contrary, shared office spaces provide the most cost-effective solution. So, the budget is no more a hindrance to figure out a proper area to get started.

  1. Professional Work Ambiance

Apart from being visually aesthetics, these spaces look no less professional than those traditional offices. The shared office areas remain equipped with state-of-the-art features. Starting from internet to proper furniture, the spaces have got them all. The boomers without spending extra money can capitalize on these features to start their business.

startup office in Toronto

  1. Option of Renting the Space

Lastly, not every venture is seasoned. So, the boomers don’t feel the need to come to the office. In such a case, they have the option to rent their workspace to any other company. That seems to be convenient enough for raising money while they babysit in peace.

To end up, the concept of shared office space Toronto is no more confined amongst the millennials. Such spaces are designed for everyone who dreams big and works smart. Not to mention, coworking offices define a new style of working and life in the truest sense.

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